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Viswambara Software Systems Private Limited is a software development company with eighteen years of international experience specialized in building custom business software and integrating multiple software systems into a single ecosystem.


We chose the most suitable solutions for a given goal in respect of value for money, practicality, and scalability.


We have extensive code libraries and experience in a wide range of projects, which ensures swift and knowledgeable execution.

Transparent Pricing


We provide constant information flow and knowledge transfer during the project. Additionally, our pricing is as transparent as our development processes. There are clear estimations and no surprises.

Safety and Privacy


We pay special attention to relevant regulations, safety, and data protection from the very first stage.

Our Services

Depending on your goal you can choose from the following software development packages.
Development as a Subscription

Custom Software Development for ISVs

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Racu Framework

Custom Software Development for Companies

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Enhancing Growth with Our Channel Partnership

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Custom Software Development
for ISVs

When do you need DaaS?

If you plan to develop a business software that can be sold as a product, our DaaS (Development as a Subscription) packages are designed for you.

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This is an ideal proposition for

Companies selling software products

DaaS is an ideal development type for companies that sell software products and wish to add a new product or a new version of an existing product to their repertoire.

Companies seeing a niche on the market

DaaS is a good choice for companies, whose primary expertise isn’t software, that have discovered the need for a new software solution in their own domain and are poised to convert their domain expertise into a solution for their industry.

Our Process

Our DaaS software development plans were designed with a special focus to the time-to-market and budgetary constraints of startups and aspiring ISVs:

First, together with you, we choose the most vital functions of the proposed program and prepare the first version, the Minimum Viable Product. This allows you to approach investors with a working product on hand or test the waters first, without a heavy investment. The product can then be expanded, based on evolution goals and feedback from investors and the market.


Custom Software Development
for Companies

When do you need the Racu Framework?

If you want to enhance your company’s throughput with a business software that fits your workflow and addresses your special pain-points when the off-the-shelf solutions are either insufficient or cumbersome for the purpose, we recommend our Racu Framework.

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Types of development


You wish to automate some repetitive mechanical tasks at your company or simplify tasks where huge amount of data needs to be processed. You want to support the present workflow with a software specially designed for your needs.


You have several business software that cover different tasks, but the separate solutions don’t communicate with each other. This slows down and complicates daily operations. You can make the best of the existing system with our integrating solutions.

Polishing existing solutions

You have already invested in business software (for example an ERP, CRM, logistics, accounting or any other applications), but it has turned out to be a partial solution, as it diverges from your stable workflow or does not support some special company needs. You don’t want to lose your investment, so you don’t want to build a new software from scratch, you’d rather perfect the existing solution with additional modules and custom development.



You have a need that’s a combination of the the rest of the scenarios.

Our custom business software is always based on business analyses, which guarantees a practical, flexible solution that tackles your hurdles and converts them into your unique selling points.


Enhancing growth with our
Channel Partnership

Besides our software development services, we enhance the growth of our Clients with channel partnership. 

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No upfront investment

No upfront investment

There is no upfront investment, the partnership is based on revenue sharing.

New market

Presence in several regions

We are present in CEE region, India, and the USA, where we can help you establish your market presence.



Outbound and inbound marketing options are available to help you reach a new market.

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Share your development goals with us. And we will discuss with you how to reach them.
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