The epidemic of COVID-19 and the related safety measures are changing our everyday life radically. Companies, organizations and individuals must adopt to the constantly shifting conditions. In such a situation, a quick and simple solution may help to face upcoming challenges.

Our company was contacted by one of the Hungarian municipalities to help them organize the food supply for those whose health is especially at risk because of their age, who are under mandatory home quarantine, and who need assistance for any other reason. Food must be supplied daily to those who are concerned, and the list of people in need of municipal help may vary, extend rapidly.

In response to the request, we simplified one of our online freight forwarding solutions, which we could make immediately available to the municipality. We found simplification primordial in this case because we wanted to provide a solution that can be used without any training or learning period, can be applied without any difficulty or delay. Immediate use necessitated strict focus on the problem.

Using the application requires minimal input: copy-pasting daily addresses from the excel file used by the municipality for administration and indicating the size of the fleet available for delivery. The application then calculates the optimal route for each vehicle with involving only the necessary minimum number of cars in the delivery process. The optimized address list for each vehicle can then be printed and handed over to the corresponding driver. As a result, daily food supply can be delivered to those in need as quickly as possible. Besides minimizing costs and expediting service with a simple solution, the municipality can copy-paste the resulting table to their in-house Excel worksheets for further manual computations and analysis (e.g.: number of vehicles needed at a time like this, fuel cost, driver cost, delivery density per vehicle, frequent routes, etc.).

We would like to thank the municipality for contacting us and enabling us to participate in making the challenging everyday life at least a tiny bit easier.

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